Be a DBA Ambassador

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The Plan

  • An “ambassador” represents and promotes DBA to other  pastors of churches who do not give financially to the association. Pastors, retired pastors, and staff members of DBA churches can serve as ambassadors.
  • DBA provides ambassadors with information about the association and its general budget.
  • Ambassadors contact pastors whose churches are not currently giving to DBA and invite them to lunch.
  • Ambassadors share the reasons why their church supports DBA financially. They encourage the pastor to consider leading the church to give.
  • DBA reimburses the ambassador for the lunch expense.

How to be a Part

  • An ambassador’s church must be in a pattern of regular giving to DBA.
  • Ambassadors should coordinate their lunch meetings with Cesar Zamora so that each pastor will only be contacted by one ambassador.
  • Ambassadors will turn in the original receipts of their lunch expenses to Cesar Zamora. The IRS requires that receipts be submitted within 60 days.

Questions? Bob Dean | 214.319.1159

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