DBA pastors and church leaders have the opportunity to join a small discipleship group

led by Dennis Pethers.

Joining Jesus is a discipleship process that pastors can reproduce in their churches after participating in 12 monthly meetings with Dennis.

First meeting: Monday, October 28 at 10:30 a.m.

In-person with Dennis Pethers (other meetings will be via internet)

DBA Training Center, 9780 Ferguson Rd., Dallas 75228


Program Overview

Each Joining Jesus leader’s course will:

  • Be taught/facilitated by Rev Dennis Pethers through 12 online equipping sessions that will be followed by action leading to reflection on what is being learned. The sessions will be one-per-month.
  • Consist of 12 pastors/leaders who will participate in the online equipping session together and be placed into pairs for the ‘let me’ aspects of Joining Jesus.
  • Include practical and written ‘exercises’ that will measure the competency of the leader to be an equipper of a missional community. A certificate will be awarded to all who demonstrate competency. This will validate them to teach the ‘Joining Jesus’ course to others.

Focus on three key areas:

  1. What is the mission of Jesus?
  2. What is a disciple?
  3. How do we make disciples who make disciples?

If you are interested in Joining Jesus, please contact James Pendergrast. Only 10 spots are available.