Undivided: Your Church and Racial Reconciliation

A two-session lunch series on Wednesdays, August 8 and 22, 2018.

Join a diverse group of DBA leaders as we discuss how to move our churches (and ourselves!) from positions of ignorance of others’ points of view, through awareness, to actually interacting and even to true Gospel community.

For more information or to register visit www.bit.ly/dbaundivided


Multiethnic Dallas Clergy Mobilization Meetings

Get on the email list.  Occasionally a group of Dallas clergy led by Pastor Bryan Carter (Concord Missionary Baptist Church) and Jeff Warren (Park Cities Baptist Church) sends an e-newsletter about upcoming meetings and resources.  Email Brian English and ask to be included.

Other Resources

ARTICLE: The Church is the Only Place Equipped to Do Racial Reconciliation Well, in Christianity Today. “I see glimmers of hope,” Morrison says of the white evangelical climate today. “Even if they don’t get it completely. People are at least trying to lean into the conversation and acknowledge that there is an issue.”

VIDEO SERIES: Racial Justice, from Verge Network. Frank discussions, most 5-15 minutes long, with young leaders about race and the church today.

PODCAST: John M. Perkins on Legacy, from Fuller Seminary’s “Conversing” podcast. “A steadfast leader in the integration of Christian faith and civil rights, Perkins draws on his memories to reflect on the deeper problems behind racism, justice, the redemptive quality of pain and his desire for the church to recover a gospel with “fresh relevance for our days.”

ARTICLE: Racial Divides in Spiritual Practices, by The Barna Group.  “Barna examined the divergent ways in which black and white Christians approach discipleship, individually and collectively, revealing insights that may contribute to the realization of King’s dream of an unsegregated hour of worship.”

Questions? Scott Coleman | 214.319.1164

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