Refugee Ministry Opportunities

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Thousands of refugees reside in Dallas, and you have the opportunity to develop friendships and serve them!  Here are some options:

Asian and African Refugees

Kika and Anungla are “missionaries” to refugee populations in Dallas. Though they are from India, they are working with people whose lives would be in danger in their homelands of Asia and Africa.

Each week they visit three main areas of Dallas with high concentrations of refugees.  Already they are working in 12 different apartment complexes.

Serve or donate items to Kika and Anung’s ministry

The Karen (said kuh-REN) are a people group indigenous to Burma/Myanmar, but thousands of them have resided in refugee camps in Thailand for years because of persecution in Burma. The United States is re-settling hundreds of Karen families to Dallas each year. The Karen Baptist Fellowship, a strong Karen church, has developed in Dallas.

Refugees from several nations in Africa attend Afrika Community Baptist Church. Volunteer help is needed for ESL classes and other assimilation needs.

Middle-Eastern Refugees

Gateway of Grace provides ESL classes, baby showers, special events, mentoring, and numerous other opportunities to serve refugee families, mostly from middle-eastern countries like Iran and Iraq.

Pastor Jalil Dawood and Arabic Church of Dallas serve refugees from Iraq. Pastor Jalil says, “Please be in prayer for these needs and for the people that we minister to that they hear the Word of Lord and be saved, and may The Lord use you! Tell your friends or family members about these needs to see if they can help as well.

GFM ministries does extensive work with the growing Muslim population in the Metroplex. Contact GFM.

Contact Pastor Seth Simisi, Afrika Community Church

4 + 11 =

Contact Pastor Jalil Dawood

13 + 12 =

Contact Kika and Anungula

10 + 5 =

Contact Gateway of Grace

10 + 14 =

Contact Pastor Hsa Twel, Karen Baptist Fellowship

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