Application for EIN

An EIN can often be obtained immediately for free if you apply online. 



Begin Application

  • What type of legal structure – Select last box (View additional types)
  • Continue – Select “Church”
  • Continue – Why is the church requesting EIN? – Select “banking purposes”
  • Continue – Please tell us about the responsible party
    • This is usually the pastor
    • Provide name and SS #
    • Choose one: (usually “I am an authorized member, officer…”
  • Continue -Where is the church physically located?
  • Add address
    • Phone #
    • Mailing address if different
  • Continue -Tell us about your church
    • Add legal name
    • Church start date
    • Continue – Tell us more about your church. Select appropriate Yes or No answer.
  • Continue – Select method of confirmation. First choice is the quickest.
  • Continue – Review answers. If correct, Submit