Bible Drill and Speakers’ Tournament Registration

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Dallas Baptist Association Bible Drill and Speakers’ Tournament is for member churches of DBA.  If your church is not a part of DBA, please call James Pendergrast at 214-319-1154 to discuss your church participating in DBA’s drill.

First, please register which state convention your church will drill with and which versions of Bible will be used.  Churches drilling with the BGCT may choose between KJV, NIV and CSB.  Churches drilling with the SBTC may choose between KJV, CSB and ESV.  Please check your state convention’s website for exact editions allowed.

Submit participant names advancing after your church drill

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    Name of church and city

    Check all areas that your church will participate in associational drill
    Children Bible Drill (grades 4-6)Youth Bible Drill (grades 7-9)High School Bible Drill (grades 10-12)Speakers' Tournament (grades 10-12)

    Is this the first year to participate in Bible drill with DBA?

    What Bible version(s) will your church use? Check all that anyone from your church will use.
    NIV 2011 versionKJVCSBESV

    If participants advance, which state convention's regional/state drill will you attend?

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