We are hosting a Creative Art’s Camp with an outreach emphasis into the Vickery Meadow area. We are looking for risers for our children’s choir to perform on and also some wireless microphones for our cast (we need 4 more). We are also searching for a portable baptismal as we invite family who have made professions of faith during camp to be baptized on Sunday August 20th.

Stephanie Edgar
Highland Baptist Church, Dallas
[email protected]

Northlake Baptist Church needs about 30 hymnals for a nursing home ministry. If you can help please email Pat Brown or call 214-348-2369.

Pat Brown

15 + 3 =

Marvellous Light Baptist Church needs a communion table. If you have one to donate or sell, please contact Pastor Eugene Johnson at 214-938-4278 or email him.

Pastor Eugene Johnson

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Highest Praise Church, Irving needs a van or mini bus to pick up children as well as the less fortunate that are in need of a ride to church. If you are able to help, contact Kent Hayes at 214-664-2700.

Immanual Temple of Praise Church needs equipment to record their sermons. If you can help, please contact Richard McNack at 469-254-8285 or email.

Richard McNack

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Kessler Park is looking for youth music books/sheets. Also Heavenly Highways books. Small quantities needed. If you can help this small Oak Cliff church, please contact Ruby Lee at 214-334-9995 or email Ruby.


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Greater New Caleb MBC is in need of a small van or church bus to help transport kids to service in the West Dallas neighborhood…Will make repairs if needed, please call Darrell Foster at 214-680-9253, [email protected]