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Joining Jesus is an online coaching process for pastors who want to be equipped to make disciples who make disciples. International missionary Dennis Pethers started the Joining Jesus groups because “so many pastors admit that they have never been equipped to make disciples of people beyond the walls of the church. This is a real problem because, in a time when fewer and fewer people are coming to church, it is essential that Christians are equipped to be ‘disciple-makers.’”

The Gladys Moore Missions Offering supplemented the cost for DBA pastors to participate in a Joining Jesus group in Spring 2020. 

“The Joining Jesus experience affirmed what Jesus is already up to, not only in my life but in the lives of others in my community. Experiences like this are so valuable to ministers of color like me, who usually won’t have access to a cross cultural growth tract. Thank you to all those who gave to the Gladys Moore Missions Offering.  You have encouraged and supported my growth in Christ beyond the four walls and into God’s calling for me” (Abraham Quiñones, Iglesia Bautista Christian Fellowship).

“While DBA regularly gathers people for training and fellowship, Joining Jesus provides a uniquely different experience. Here a small group joins together not simply to learn, but to do. Joining Jesus invites one to be discipled in praxis as a disciple-maker. I am enriched in my development as a disciple of Christ and in relationship with participants among whom I share the experiences of accountability and encouragement” (Milfred Minatrea, Grand View Baptist Church).

“Being a disciple is what we are called to be, and part of being a disciple is making disciples. In my conversations with church leaders it has become apparent to me that many of us have not been discipled in a way that equips us to make more disciples. Joining Jesus is a small group of leaders who are meeting together not just to learn what it means to be a disciple that makes disciples, we are out doing it. I have read plenty of books about discipleship, but having a group that I know is going to hold me accountable helps put those ideas into my life and make them a part of my life.”

The Week of Prayer for the Gladys Moore Missions Offering is

October 10-17, 2021.

Churches are encouraged to give online or bring their contribution to DBA’s annual celebration on Sunday, October 17, 2021 at Cliff Temple Baptist Church. However, your church may choose to make a contribution to the offering at any time. Promotional materials are undated.

Your contributions to the Gladys Moore Missions Offering help Dallas Baptist Association churches work together for the kingdom–where, and how, God leads them. Give individually, or lead your church to participate.

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