Episode 2

What I Wish I Had Known/What I Wish They Knew 
Guest: Rosie Shields, Faith-Based Specialist with CPS.


As Christians we are called to care for vulnerable children, in this episode we get to hear from Rosie Shields, Faith Based & Community Engagement Specialist DFPS, she shares with us what she wishes the Church knew about working with and caring for vulnerable children. She lays out easy ways that believers and churches can come along side CPS in caring for these children and families.

Resources from this episode

Rosie Sheilds email: [email protected]

CAFO Stand Sunday Information: https://cafo.org/orphansunday/

Care Portal website: https://www.careportal.org/

Rosie has a passion for Social Work.  She has been serving families through The Department of Family and Protective Services for about 4 years now in her current role as a Faith Based Specialist.  As a part of the Faith Based & Community Engagement Team, Rosie works to bridge the gap between the Faith community and CPS.  Rosie’s mission is to work alongside churches and faith organizations to develop ministries that will support children, families, and caseworkers. 

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