Recommended Elements of Your Church’s Child Protection Policy

Dallas Baptist Association churches should have child protection policies that are consistently practiced to protect children and families from abuse. Though we recommend that your church’s policy contain these elements, churches should develop their own policies that appropriately reflect their unique circumstances. We advise that an attorney review each church’s child protection policy.

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Child Safety. How’s Your Church Doing?

A call to action from the Southern Baptist Convention

12 lesson videos, bringing together top experts, to help leaders understand and implement the best practices for handling the variety of abuse scenarios at your church.

A crucial issue that churches face today is making sure that adequate protections and policies are in place to create a safe environment for children and youth. The Caring Well Challenge is a unified call to action on the abuse crisis in the Southern Baptist Convention. “The goal is to equip churches to be safe for survivors and safe from abuse. It provides churches with a simple, adaptable, and attainable pathway to immediately enhance their engagement on abuse.”

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