Good News Mondays

In the middle of a pandemic like COVID-19, we have discovered that, while the message of salvation has not changed, learning new skills in order to enhance techniques of effectively spreading the Gospel, is vital.

Need help updating your methods of evangelism?
These videos offer practical help and resources for pastors and leaders as they reach out to Generation Next.

May 3

Reaching Generation Next

Presenters: Voltaire Cacal and Neb Kelile

One of the biggest challenges facing all churches today is “How do we as a church hold onto our children and young adults?”  This is true of churches of all ethnicities.  In this video workshop, you will be introduced to some compelling realities about this question and find some hopeful solutions to the problem of reaching the “Next Gen.”

May 24

Parents Leading
Your Children to Christ

Presenter: Cole Hedgecock

May 10

Identifying Your Evangelists
Evangelism and Discipleship

Presenters: David Galvan and Nelson Fonseca

May 17

Restarting Your Church Using Small Groups

Presenter: Jim Gerlach

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What’s Coming Up This Summer

June 28

Pastor’s Spiritual Formation and Evangelism
Presenter: Ron Eley

August 9

Many Faces of Salvation-Cross Cultural Evangelism
Presenter: Tim Ahlen