Kinship Kits

Sometimes when a child can no longer stay with their immediate family, they might have a grandparent, aunt and uncle, or other relative who could provide loving care. This is called a kinship placement. This a preferable situation since the child already knows this relative. These relatives are choosing to step up and care for their family members, but it often comes with added financial concerns. We can help alleviate these financial concerns by providing items that the state requires to be in every kinship home. By doing this, we are helping a family stay together and answering God’s call to care for children in need.


Kinship Kits List

Necessary Items that every house must have:

-5lb Fire Extinguisher
-5 Smoke Detectors
-5 9V Batteries
-Baby proofing kit with Outlet Covers and Corner Protectors
-Toolbox with a lock for medicines
-Cabinet Lock
-Small lock box for refrigerated medicine

Optional Items (for monetary items you can get Visa gift cards or make checks out to Ohana Ministries Inc.):

-Diapers in any size
-Bedding (crib or twin)
-$75 for fire inspection
-$35 to purchase counseling appointments
-$35 to cover cost of CPR training
-Gift cards for school uniforms.

*Bring your kinship kit supplies to the Dallas Baptist Association office at 8001 East RL Thornton Frwy Dallas, TX 75228. Once kits are collected, they will be taken to Ohana Ministries to be distributed to kinship families.