Equip Dallas/Preaching Cohort

Preaching Cohort July 11-13, 2022


  • 50% discounted access to attend a national preaching conference (E.K. Bailey Preaching Conference)
  • Complimentary lunch provided by Dallas Baptist Association
  • Learn with local pastors with an expertise in preaching.
  • Collaborate with preachers on sermon prep ideas and thoughts.
  • Build a network with other preachers in DFW.


Only for churches that give monthly to Dallas Baptist Association 

  1. Register for the Preaching Conference to pay full amount.
  2. Forward receipt to [email protected] (Include info of whom to make check out to.)


E.K. Bailey Preaching Conference

2022 Conference Theme:
Preach Jesus!
Biblical Preaching that Exalts Christ

Preaching has always been challenging, but the Global events of the past three years have caused The Church to make a permanent pivot. With every change that the preacher has to navigate, there is one thing that remains constant – people are in desperate need of the help and hope that we have in Jesus Christ.