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Lost Dallas

A recent article in the Dallas Morning News lamented the destruction of historic buildings in Dallas. The news article’s headline, “Lost Dallas,” not only describes the architectural history that is lost when these buildings tumble. More importantly, the headline is an accurate description of the spiritual status of the majority of Dallas County residents.

Jesus “saw the crowds” and “had compassion on them” (Matthew 9:36).  Do we see the crowds of people in our city? Are we moved by compassion for them? Some missiologists estimate that 75 percent of the residents of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex do not have an evangelical faith in Christ. That means the number of lost persons in our local mission fields is almost 2 million people.

We are missionaries, and we must think like missionaries. Join us at DBA as we pray to the Lord to send out workers to our harvest field.


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IMB Luncheon with Dr. Tony Mathews

Join us on Monday, August 2nd from 11am until 1pm as Dr. Tony Mathews shares about – The Senior Pastor as Mobilizer for Missions.  Among other areas, the seminar looks at how the pastor is uniquely linked to the local congregation and the world. It explores how pastors and church leaders can create a passion and momentum for missions in their churches. Additionally, it addresses how pastors and church leaders are encouragers to missionaries, and how we can move from doing great things to greater things for the kingdom. The presentation also includes exciting videos and photos.

Multiculturalism and the Church


The church I pastor in Dallas, TX has transitioned from being a monoethnic Anglo church to a multiethnic church. It took us eighteen years to make the transition. Today, we are 45% Caucasian, 15% African American, 15% Hispanic, 15% African, 5% Asians and 5% Others. We are a small congregation of 110 members, but we love who we are, and we love Jesus.


Dallas People Groups: Reaching the Unreached

The DFW Metroplex, with a population of 7.1 million people is the fourth largest Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) in the United States.  Only New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago have larger populations.

Good News Mondays


The Dallas Baptist Association Evangelism Department will be hosting a series of workshops designed to equip pastors and leaders to reach out to this next generation of Americans. Called “Good News Mondays,” these two hour long workshops will offer practical help and resources for evangelism and discipleship.


The Art of Neighboring

The Art of Neighboring: Building Genuine Relationships Right Outside Your Door, by Jay Pathack Book review and notes Many resources including block maps, block party kit, small group resources, sermon series (with notes, videos and outlines).

Explore God


Watch this short video to get a better understanding of what Jesus did and why it matters.

Ryan Jespersen, Executive Director

Ryan provides overall direction to the work of the association, and he can be contacted regarding DBA’s mission, core values, and priorities. He also provides pulpit supply for our churches, pastor search committee training, conflict mediation, training, and is glad to help our churches and pastors in anyway he can. 214-319-1159.  Email Ryan.

Cindy Burr, Executive Assistant

Cindy assists our churches with information about pastors/leaders conference, executive board, and the DBA event calendar. 214-319-1159. Email Cindy

Tammy Disch, Accountant

Tammy manages your church’s financial contributions to the association and Mt. Lebanon Camp. 214.319.1161. Email Tammy.

Tim Ahlen, Consultant, Unreached People Groups

Tim helps churches learn about and share Christ with language and culture groups in Dallas and Rockwall Counties in which fewer than 2 percent of the population of that group identifies as Christian. 214.319.1159. Email Tim.

Kish Minatrea, Communications Assistant

Kish is a visual storyteller, passionate about sharing stories of the church body on mission for Christ, through videography, photography and additional communications platforms. 214.319.1173. Email Kish.