It’s likely that many people in your congregation already give their tithes and offerings online or through the mail. However, if you’re interested in implementing online giving, here are some resources (thanks to Dave Lyons with Texas Baptists for these resources):

  • Lifeway Generosity. Currently free for new users.
  • Easy for online and text giving.
  • PushPay
    PushPay is a mobile app that provides tithing services, and also gives church leaders the ability to send announcements, upload sermons and provide other useful resources and information.
  • Givelify
    Givelify provides giving services via an app for non-profits and places of worship. It also offers an opportunity to link Givelify to preexisting church apps, allowing church members to give through their usual app.
  • Easy Tithe
    EasyTithe is a church-based software that offers giving opportunities through app, website and text message. They also provide other resources to help churches promote giving. 
  • Pay simple
    Paysimple is a provider of payment management solutions. Church members can give online through either direct-debit from their checking account or credit card.
  • ACS software solution
    ACS is a church-based software that allows giving through app, website and text message. Users can also collect money for specific goals, such as mission trips or a building fund.
  • PayPal
    PayPal is a secure, well-known platform for giving online. Churches can set up a business account for members to easily transfer money and accepts all major credit cards.
  • Venmo
    Venmo is a money-giving app and also allows for integration on websites. It is a secure way of transferring money that allows users to either transfer money into the app or pay directly through their checking account.