Over these past few months of social distancing, I have become extremely familiar with every square inch inside the four walls of my house.  This extended time period has brought about the spirit of renovation in my family (or at least in me and they have graciously followed along).  What started out as simple decluttering quickly morphed into room-by-room reorganization and restoration.  After overcoming the initial shock of how I managed to unknowingly accumulate so much clutter, I came to a corner of our garage area and noticed some water damage on a shelf.  A small leak had appeared at some point and ruined several things that had been placed underneath it.  Thankfully, my husband was able to locate it during the next rain storm and patch it before any further damage occurred.  The importance of regular home inspection became quite clear.         

King David requested a different type of inspection “Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my concerns.  See if there is any offensive way in me; lead me in the everlasting way” (Psalm 139:23-24 CSB).  This inspection of the heart carries much more value than the examination of a simple dwelling, but this type of introspection can be difficult.  It requires time spent sitting with the Spirit in an attitude of true humility, honesty, and openness.  Some of us busy ourselves with other things, some have no desire for renovation at all, some prefer to ignore or hide faults instead of addressing them, and others may deem it unnecessary because they sincerely believe they are doing good.  Whatever the reason, it does not negate the fact that we are all in need of our sanctifying Savior.  

My home had no broken windows, gaping holes, or roof cave-ins, so without close inspection the house appeared totally fine; yet there was an unnoticed leak causing damage.  What some might call overt sin is often easier to spot than covert sin.  We can often be quick to say “I’m not a _(insert whatever covert sin you want)____” and assume we are fine.  All the while, harm is being done as we continue to pass judgements, use words that tear others down, ignore the cries of the vulnerable, hoard the blessings we have been given, fail to stand for justice, and do not take time to carry or truly understand our brothers’ burdens.  These things can be harder to see and easier to ignore.  Some things have crept into our hearts, so slowly that we have unknowingly become accustomed to living with them, but they are there and the slow seepage of sin continues doing damage.  We need God.  He alone is Judge of what truly needs to be addressed in our lives, not us with our faulty views.  He sees clearly, so we need to ask Him what areas need repair.    

The good news is that He does not simply leave us in our brokenness.  He is a great Restorer. He can heal what He reveals.  Let’s spend some time asking God to reveal any offense within us and seek His way.  Now is the time for a renovation of our hearts.